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Open BIM: Fields of Activity Blog

As posted February 28, 2013 (http://fieldsofactivity.com/portfolio/open-bim)

Arup were proud hosts of the second OpenBIM evening last week (20/02/13). The evening saw three presentations by companies all very active in the arena of BIM and data exchange/interoperability between software platforms.

We were lucky to have Clayton Riddle (Arup structural engineer from Adelaide) to discuss the innovative techniques employed on the Adelaide Oval project in close collaboration with architects Joachim Clauss and Stuart Harper from Cox. Clayton and Stuart demonstrated the benefits of using parametric design tools, such as grasshopper 3D, and how innovative methods of collaborative design have resulted in greater practical solutions – from concept through to fabrication.

This was followed by an update from Matt Rumbelow (RevitAll) on the benefits of using IFC (industry Foundation Class) files to exchange information between software. Matt demonstrated the power of the file type and its ability to retain the smarts when transferring between platforms. Clearly, the information you get out will only be as clever as the information you put in! The real benefit is the ability to retain all that information as you move between platforms.

Finally we were very lucky to have Jon Mirtschin visiting from South Africa to provide us with a very entertaining update of his plugin for grasshopper “Geometry Gym”. Jon bit the bullet and carried out some live demonstrations of the way his tools could seamlessly transfer information from complicated NURBS surfaces in Rhino to models in Revit. Jon also touched on the power of using Geometry Gym to create all the geometry and parametric loading within the Rhino interface before exporting it directly to structural analysis software such as GSA and Strand 7.

All in all, a successful and thought provoking evening! We look forward to the next one!