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It’s awfully cloudy out there… Introducing bim+ from Nemetschek

bim+ is an open, multi-vendor platform for the building industry — a virtual building marketplace — connecting building information models and people involved in the building process. It allows users to view and use the integrated building information with easy-to-use visual Apps on professional workstations and mobile devices, like the iPad.

bim+ follows a philosophy that simplification and visualization allows you to take better collaborative decisions and build faster.

bim+ is provisioned as a cloud based “pay-per-use” service to store and use building project information in OPEN BIM format.
bim+ AppStore provides all building related AECO Apps and enterprise tools.

Certification 2.0: The first four products to receive buildingSMART’s Certification 2.0

March 22, 2013 — The first four products to receive the new-style buildingSMART certification 2.0 were recognised at the international meetings of buildingSMART in Waltham, MA, US on 12 March 2013. The certification acknowledges that the products have been tested and shown to comply with the IFC open standards for the functions specified within the testing environment.

The four successful products are Autodesk Revit Architecture, GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, NEMETSCHEK Allplan and NEMETSCHEK Scia Engineer, which received certification for their export functionality. Other products are still in the process of being tested and audited. Certified products can display the buildingSMART certification logo on their packaging.

Rasso Steinmann, who leads buildingSMART’s Implementer Support Group, said: “Our certification is a stringent process and buildingSMART congratulates the successful vendors. The number of test actions to date is over 1,400 – an indication of how seriously we take the process.”

Jim Lynch, vice president, building and collaboration products of Autodesk, said: “We have many customers worldwide that mandate a neutral IFC file format and rely on it to ease the design, construction and maintenance of new and existing buildings. BuildingSMART’s IFC certification will allow our customers to facilitate more efficient, collaborative workflows; increase project team collaboration; and encourage data exchange and interoperability within a BIM workflow.”

Akos Rechtorisz, Open BIM program manager at GRAPHISOFT, said: “GRAPHISOFT, an IFC pioneer, has been involved in developing the IFC interface since 1996. We are proud to be among the very first to achieve certification for IFC 2×3 Coordination View Version 2.0 export, using ArchiCAD. The open-source IFC format allows our users to exchange data with the engineering disciplines using Open BIM workflows. Structural and MEP engineers worldwide connect to ArchiCAD using a variety of globally and locally used software programs.”

Aleš Široký, technical director from NEMETSCHEK Allplan, said: “This certification is an important step towards improving Open BIM collaboration among our customers and their partners. Nemetschek Allplan is commited to IFC as the industry standard, and our developers co-operate with other industry players so that we stay at the leading edge of Open BIM exchange.”

And Herman Oogink, CTO from Nemetschek Scia, added: “We are proud to belong to the first companies succeeded to pass the certification. It proves our commitment to open standards and Open BIM. We are convinced that open standards like IFC are a huge benefit for our clients who can choose to work with the best software that fits to their needs without worrying about exchanging of data.”

Full article here: http://www10.aeccafe.com/nbc/articles/1/1173341/First-four-successes-buildingSMARTs-Certification-2.0

IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 v2.8.0

As posted  27 February 2013 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ifcexporter/files/2013/)

(2.8.0) IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 v2.8.0.msi, IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 Source v2.8.0.zip General: – Clean up code dealing with door and window operation and construction type. – Clean up code dealing with getting Solids from element geometry. – Finalize support for FM Handover view. The new functionality for this is included in the lists below. – Replace native function call to create some columns as extrusions with .NET code. – Renamed the shared parameters for many entity properties to have “Ifc” at the front. – Sort parameter names on export to minimize changes in IFC file from subsequent exports of the same file. New Functionality: – Add 11 new IFC common parameter sets, including: Pset_AirTerminalTypeCommon, Pset_DistrubutionFlowElementCommon, Pset_FlowTerminalAirTerminal, Pset_SpaceOccupancyRequirements, Pset_PlateCommon, Pset_ReinforcingBar*Common – Add support for IfcLengthMeaure parameter export. – Add support IfcCircleHollowProfileDef; use for extrusions if appropriate. – Add support for Provisions for Voids. – Allow specification and export of a user-defined classification system, instead of just Uniformat. – Allow exporting elements as IfcDiscreteAccessory/IfcDiscreteAccessoryType. – Allow “IfcExportAs” to take both the entity name and the type name in the format “IfcEntityName.TypeName”. – Export base quantities for 5 elements: IfcBuildingStorey, IfcCovering, IfcDoor, IfcSpace, IfcWindow. Some of these were already supported and were just moved from native to .NET. – Export FabricArea and FabricSheet as IfcReinforcingMesh and IfcGroup, respectively. – Note: that the default export settings have these set as “Not Exported” – these have to be updated manually to “IfcReinforcingMesh” and “IfcGroup”. – Export ceilings as extrusions or BReps if possible, instead of just surface models. – Export surface styles by default for Coordination View 2.0. – Include Ceiling as a room bounding element on export if it is part of only one room. – Stabilise GUIDs for Pset_Building/BuildingStorey/SiteCommon, internal Revit property sets, and slabs in roof containers (only for the case of an IfcRoof containing a single IfcSlab, however.) Bug Fixes: – Changed incorrect “PSet” to correct “Pset” for various parameter set names. – Don’t create openings for doors and windows when the host is exported as parts – Don’t export RepresentationMap for IfcTypeProduct with 0 items. – Don’t ignore an internal Revit parameter on export if it has the same name as a parameter in another group. – Export materials for IfcReinforcementBar; make body representation “AdvancedSweptSolid”. – Fix export of grids so that only one IfcShapeRepresentation is created. – Fix export of some extruded columns that were split into separate components by other elements. – Fix issue where classification reference was not exported in non-English versions of Revit. – Make “NosingLength” parameter of PSet_StairFlightCommon IfcLengthMeasure. – Make GetExportTypeFromClassName not reject some unrecognized IFC class names. – Move the local placement of many entities with extrusions and mapped representations for geometry to be closer to the geometry. – Properly export Pset_ZoneCommon for IfcZones. – Properly label some mislabelled IfcOpeningElements as “Opening” or “Recess”. – Properly scale door panel properties, window frame properties, and base quantities on export. – Remove incorrect PsetLightFixtureCommon.ArticleNumber property.

Downloads: IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 v2.8.0.msi

Downloads: IFC Export UI for Autodesk Revit 2013 v1.8.0.msi