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CollectiveBIM: A new BIM blog reviews Solibri Model Checker


It’s always great to see a new BIM blog, and even better when the first article is a review of Solibri Model Checker!

“CollectiveBIM” (which commenced January 1st) is written by Michael McCune, a Senior Design Technology Specialist at CASE, Inc and the Community Director of CASE’s online community DesignByMany. Michael provides expertise in the implementation of Revit, Navisworks, Glue, Solibri, VEO, and Tekla, and has an interest in Virtual Design and Construction methods.

The CollectiveBIM blog aims to be a resource on technologies, tips & tricks, and topics around virtual design and construction that demonstrates how to take advantage of the information within BIMs.

And what does Michael think of Solibri? Quote; “unlike Navisworks, (Solibri) takes advantage of the information embedded within the building information models for more than just clash detection. As an architect and now a BIM specialist, there are things that Solibri Model checker can check for, if set up properly, that is invaluable for a firm that participates in BIM.”

Keep up the great work Michael and CASE, Inc!

To read Michael’s excellent review on Solibri, you can follow the direct link below;