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Almost BIMfamous! B1M writes about BIM Down Under

Hopefully by now most of my readership (and/or known BIMuniverse) have downloaded and read the second edition of the B1M Mail by the team at B1M. A great read guaranteed as they say.


I was privileged to supply some content and thoughts to Fred’s OpEd piece regarding B1M in the Lucky Country, although (understandably) he rejected all of my pun worthy titles for the article.

As reward or punishment, he also featured me on Page 4. Not quite the Page 3 spread I was used to reading on the hot tube rides home from work when I was a humble Architectural Technician for the now long defunct Hamilton Associates, but still better then actually talking to someone sitting next you.

Well done to Fred and Tom (and the range of contributors and sponsors) and looking forward to the third issue.

For those who haven’t read it yet … click here to register and enjoy!