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Smart software for creative people

The Foundry in Design from The Foundry on Vimeo. Our software solutions are anything but ordinary. The workflows they create serve multiple industries and generally make doing creative things a walk in the park. We know that tools in VFX are also relevant to designers and vice versa. It’s that understanding that helps us to develop flexible, open products that solve problems. The portfolio is as creative as it is technical, packed full of groundbreaking award-winning techy goodness that will have even the most demanding organization or one-man-show salivating.

Release your creativity

From product design and engineering to visualization, art and imagery for marketing and advertising, we have customers using our software to create amazing illustrations and objects all around the world. MODO is used extensively for all kinds of design work. Its speed and ease of use allow designers to embrace 3D and speed up their workflows immeasurably. MODO’s powerful renderer also provides instant feedback and produces life like design communications before they are made ‘physical’ for marketing purposes. MARI and NUKE are also popular choices in this arena for large scale texturing and image manipulation.

About AEC Software   AEC_logo_gradient

AEC Software is a leading developer of project management software and business productivity software. AEC Software products help professionals plan, track, and manage projects easily and effectively, improve group collaboration, and achieve business goals. Founded in 1985, AEC Software is known for delivering software that is easy to use, intuitive, and results-driven. With products localized into six languages and an international distribution network of resellers, AEC Software supports a global customer base numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Our customers represent a wide variety of industries, job functions, and small, mid-sized, and large corporations.

AEC Software is located in the Dulles Technology Corridor of Northern Virginia, and our products include the leading cross-platform project management software, FastTrack Schedule. All the information you need on FastTrack Schedule and our other project management software, from product brochures to evaluation guides. Each document can be viewed online or downloaded, and is formatted for easy printing.


FastTrack Schedule 10

Acecad BIMReview
BIMReview is a collaborative BIM project review tool for use across the construction project. A flexible and scalable solution that delivers value from BIM, BIMReview delivers the following benefits:

  • Collaboration that improves decision support; Save time, through fast resolution of issues, saves man-hours
  • Reduces construction schedules and risk of overruns
  • Improves workflow by consolidating BIM models from multiple sources
  • Extremely low cost of ownership, high utilization and immediate return on investment
  • Scalable with BIMProject** for advanced workflow integration across the supply chain

Download here

Autodesk Design Review
Work with a wide variety of file formats, including DWF™ andDWFx, DWG™ and DXF™ (requires installation of free DWG TrueView™ software) and Adobe PDF, as well as several image file types including .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .pcx, .pct, .png, .rlc, .tga, .tif, .mil, .cal, and more.
Download here

Autodesk Navisworks Freedom
With Autodesk Navisworks Freedom, you can view all simulations and output saved in NWD format. Navisworks Freedom offers design professionals an invaluable means of communication by creating compressed, secure, and streamable project review files in the NWD & DWF formats.
Download here

Autodesk Project Spark
Project Spark is a free* technology preview of a simplified 3D building information modeling (BIM) solution.
Download here

Autodesk Project Vasari
SketchUp-like modelling environment using the Revit parametric engine, compatible with Autodesk Revit.
Download here

Graphisoft BIMx Desktop Viewer
The BIMx Desktop Viewer is a native Mac/Win application that allows you to view the BIM Explorer models (saved in bimx file format) on desktop computers and notebooks. Please note that the BIMx Desktop Viewer application is included in the ArchiCAD 15 package so you don’t have to download it if you already have ArchiCAD 15 installed on your computer.
Download here

Solibri Model Viewer
Solibri Model Viewer is free software built for viewing Open Standard IFC files and Solibri Model Checker files. Solibri Model Viewer brings BIM files from all IFC compatible software products available for you in a single environment. It is available for 64 and 32 bit Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.
Download here

Telka BIMsight
Tekla BIMsight is a professional tool for construction project collaboration. The entire construction workflow can combine their models, check for clashes, and share information using the same easy-to-use BIM environment. Tekla BIMsight enables project participants to identify and solve issues already in the design phase before construction.
Download here

Trimble SketchUp
Intuitive, fun and free for anyone to use
Download here

Autodesk Education Community
Free educational use software and training resources.


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