• RTC Australasia – May 2015 (BNE): Position(ing) BIM for Construction
  • Institute of Surveyors Victoria – April 2015 (MEL): Encouraging BIM Adoption (Represented)
  • Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute – April 2015 (MEL): BIM and Surveying
  • GeoBusiness UK – May 2015 (LON): Encouraging BIM Adoption (Co-Authored)
  • SPAR Europe – November 2014 (AMS): Encouraging BIM Adoption (Co-Authored)
  • BIM MEP AUS – August 2014 (MEL): High Definition Survey and BIM
  • BrisBIM – June 2014 (BNE): Laser Scanning in AEC
  • Arup OpenBIM Evening – February 2013 (MEL): IFC4 – The Shape of Things to Come
  • The BIM Day Out – June 2013 (PER): BIM Collaboration Format: XML Marks the Spot
  • Informa BIM in Healthcare – March 2013 (BNE): BIM in Healthcare Panacea or Placebo?
  • Informa BIM in Healthcare – March 2013 (BNE): The Health of BIM in Health Facility Design
  • RTC Australasia – May 2012 (WOL): Are You Game? BIM and Game Engines in Health Architecture
  • AUx Vietnam – Nov 2011 (SGN): Realities of BIM Today
  • AIA Victoria Refuel Series – June 2011 (MEL): Best Practice in BIM Documentation
  • RTC Australasia – May 2011(BNE): Caring Is Not Sharing: BIM in Health Architecture
  • Codebook User Conference – May 2011 (BNE): Realise the Benefits of Codebook
  • RTC Australasia – May 2010 (SYD): BIM for FM
  • RTC Australasia – June 2009 (MEL): Bitter or Better: Success Factors in BIM Adoption
  • Autodesk University – December 2008 (LAS): An Old Dogs with New Tricks: Westfield & Navisworks
2008: An Old Dogs with New Tricks: Westfield Australia’s Use of Autodesk Revit & Autodesk Navisworks (Rumbelow/Clark)

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