Presentations and resources from various events I have produced or presented at.


Atlas ThinkBIM+ Seminar, Melbourne 2011

The Atlas ThinkBIM+ 2011 presentations includes:
  • John Mitchell (buildingSMART): Assessing the Impacts of BIM: BEIIC Report
  • Matt Rumbelow (Atlas): Collaborating with Atlas
  • Michael Beer (Bentley): 
  • ProjectWise: The key to efficient collaboration
  • Graphisoft: Real-time Collaboration Using BIM Server
  • Adobe: Adobe technologies at work with HASSELL
Keynote Presentation

John Mitchell, buildingSMART Part 1

John Mitchell, buildingSMART Part 2

John Mitchell, buildingSMART Part 3

Micheal Beer, Bentley

Michael Beer, Bentley Part 1

For original Video from Bentley website click here

ProjectWise Video

Laz Nagy, Graphisoft

Laz Nagy, Graphisoft

Andrew Frangou, dko Architecture (BIM Server)

Andrew Frangou, BIM Server

Matt Rumbelow, Atlas

Matt Rumbelow, Atlas

Matt Rumbelow, Atlas

HASSELL & Adobe presentation
External Link (AdobeTV) Click here

Q&A Session Part 1

Q&A Session Part 2


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