Six and Out? More like Six and Just Getting Started for BIM-MEP AUS


This weeks BIM-MEP AUS Construction Innovation Forum will be the sixth time that Sumit Oberoi and his team from the AMCA have gathered the best BIM thinkers from around the world to present on the latest for the MEP industry.

Six years makes this one of the longest running BIM events, and certainly one of the most accessible, both in terms of registration fees and published content. Six years later the admission price is still under AU$1000, and the professionally recorded presentations are still available FOR FREE for the entire BIM community.

In fact as we count down to CIF2015 starting Thursday, I recommend that you review the fantastic keynotes and industry benchmarks that BIM-MEP AUS has achieved.

In particular, the video presentations are a much under-utilised resource that deserve revisiting (even the one from yours truly) …


And lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to publicly acknowledge the tireless work of Sumit Oberoi in particular. Having been involved in almost every version of BIM event across the country, and running a few myself, the effort and ability shown my Sumit (and his team) is to be commended. Sumits ability to bring the BIM leaders and vendors into the same room is extraordinary, as well as his continued interest in the technological developments which allows the AMCA members to rightly claim to be the most BIM ready of the entire AEC industry.

Moreover, Sumit has championed the education of the industry, and has been heavily involved with the newly opened ITH facility at Box Hill. Designed in collaboration with the AMCA, the ITH is home to the Refrigeration and Climate Control Centre of Excellence (RCCC) in partnership with the Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) and the RCCC, it provides the main training facilities for the air-conditioning and allied industries.

Whilst there are certainly more vocal and public proponents of BIM with the Australian AEC industry, I would contend that very very few would be able to list the achievements and advancements that Sumit has been involved with across his six years of service to the BIM-MEP AUS initiative.

Whilst this certainly not a eulogy for Sumit (perhaps more like a BIMroast!), if you get a chance to speak with him and his team this week at CIF2015, I think a thanks would be in order.



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