UPDATED – DDS-CAD MEP: Finally we have a choice … Open(BIM) for Business


It seems that DDS-CAD (MEP) is finally being released in Australia. The entity IC3D is being rebranded as Central Innovations (website forth coming), and in doing so is hold events in Sydney and Melbourne to launch DDS-CAD. Details for the Sydney event are in the graphic below, and Melbourne event to be posted shortly (I hope).

DDS is considered as one of the pioneers of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The DDS-CAD product suite supports this innovative approach to building design since its introduction. DDS was founded in 1984 in Norway. Since then DDS stands for precision, quality and innovation. Across Europe, the company is a market leader with more than 13.500 active installations of its flagship product DDS-CAD, software for Mechnical, Electrical and Plumbing design (MEP).

Since November 2013, DDS operates as a subsidiary of the Munich based NEMETSCHEK AG.

Thursday 30th July
195 Wellington Road, Clayton, VIC
Phone to register: t: +61 3 8562 3457


Tuesday 28th July
77 Allingham Street, Condell Park, NSW
Phone to register: t: +61 3 8562 3457


Central innovation hosts the first of a series of seminars on DDS CAD in Sydney and Melbourne next week. The events are aimed at engaging the MEP sector in a productive conversation on how we can help shape the future of Australia’s construction space.

Who is Central Innovations?

We are the parent company of both the Intercad and Graphisoft (Australia) brands.We help our customers develop their design process and systems by deploying the world’s most capable design and 3D modelling software. We enhance this with specialist consulting, ongoing training, plus access to industry focused recruitment on top of supplying the world’s fastest design oriented hardware. Whether you work on the design of manufactured products or in the construction space, we have you covered across your entire design process.

Data Design System (DDS) has convinced customers worldwide with its proven CAD/BIM software for MEP project design. Regarding innovation and functionality, DDS delivers solutions for electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and photovoltaic systems. All DDS-CAD products support the Open BIM design process.

To celebrate DDS-CAD’s 30 year in the industry, they re-released this footage. Really, they shouldn’t have.


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