Seems you CAN get some CADisfaction! SketchUp scores top marks in G2 report.

So this post is a little overdue (from a posting early this year), but worth re-posting especially as AutoCAD celebrates its 32nd birthday (and the launch of 2016 version). Yes, The Factory is still adding “new” features to AutoCAD 32 years later. Amazingly! In the first Grid℠ report for CAD software, published by business software review site G2 Crowd, they rank eight products to help purchasers in their selections. Although AutoCAD came out tops overall (with a G2 score of 88), humble Trimble SketchUp came second (80). However, at AU$4150 thats a hefty $3300 you need to spend to get 8 more points (Trimble SketchUp Pro being AU$790). But in terms of satisfaction rating, SketchUp tied with 94 points, blitzing both 3DS Max Design (39) and Bentley MicroStation (21).


The Grid℠, which is created from G2 Crowd’s industry-leading software review platform, factors in customer satisfaction reported by users and vendor market presence determined from social and public data to rank products. Click any of the results below to read the full report.




One thought on “Seems you CAN get some CADisfaction! SketchUp scores top marks in G2 report.

  1. Robert Fischer

    That is impressive. Good to see MicroStation sucks, we can agree on that at least.

    It actually looks like they’ve made some good enhancements in the 2016 releases, I look forward to seeing the next G2 report.

    Robert Fischer | Marketing Specialist

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