Getting by with a little help from BIMfriends …


A heartfelt post by Western Australia BIM Coordinator Belinda Thompson at GHD Woodhead. Whilst Belinda is relatively new at blogging, he honesty and almost self-deprecating views are a welcome insight to the daily BIM battles fought and won every day.

Her BIMbo blog can be found here

Her with her most recent post is reprinted below.

BIMbuddies – I would be nothing without them!

There are many words for them, for us we tend to pre-fix the word BIM in front – because deep down we are geeks – we are commenting for/of/about them and they have a position of influence in our minds.

BIM People – BIMman, BIMguru, BIMexecptional, BIMmystic, BIMbro, BIMbub, BIMstar, BIMgrumpy, BIMjaded & BIMbuddies…. Heck I can BIM any description 🙂 in the last 12 hours I have decided I am a BIMmuse. Cute hey? I also deserve BIMcuddles, kidding LOL

I have many different ‘titles’ in my mind when I think of the people that have changed my life, all inspire me in various ways to further my career. Be it along the same path or a change in my thinking or changing careers completely (BIMgrumpy – Paul, you BIMinspire me more than you know and also make me want to be someone that stacks shelves at Coles!)

Is there a point to this post? Maybe but probably not – my blog, my rules ..

I had the best conversation with my closest BIMbuddies on Facebook tonight: project whinge, staff whinge, general BIM (company politics) whinge and honestly it is a way for people from 3000-7000kms  away (WA to NSW to NZ) to grumble! No other industry I know can message at the same time and still have the same outcome – frustration across the time zones!

Everyone I know needs a place to express their annoyance! Feel free to comment below, I will reply 🙂

Serious BIMbub/bo:

  • I admit that my BIMknowledge is limited
  • What I know, only grows because of the people that I know
  • What I learn, I learn off others
  • What I can create is limited by my skill

In finishing, the greatest BIMfluencers in my BIMrealm are Jason “theBIMman” Howden, – solves any issue I have,  Adam Sheather – short appearance when I first joined GHD (yes you told me to get out while I could lol), Paul “GrumpyBIM” Hellawell for everyday ‘support’ and others that listen 🙂

P.S My previous Blog post is going to be turned into a newspaper article for the B1M news…. BEL WILL BE B1M FAMOUS!


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