DotProductNews. Real-time, handheld 3D capture solutions, for under $5k.

This newsletter landed in my inbox and has some great new examples of the DotProduct DPI-7 in action. DotProduct provides real-time, handheld 3D capture solutions, for under $5k.

“It has been another exciting month here at DotProduct and there is a lot more in store for the fall. Read on to find out about the DPI-7 Extension Pole, 3D scanning the Tesla Model S, our video special withPCWorld, and the DPI-7 product launch at Mass Innovation Nights #66.”

PCWorld and IDG News highlight the DPI-7
DotProduct VP Tom Greaves was able to catch up with Nick Barber from IDG News Service last month and give a full demo of the DPI-7. The discussion highlighted the technology and applications in a variety of markets. For the full video, please click here.

Published on Aug 13, 2014. The DPI-7 handheld scanner from Dot Product has a depth sensing camera similar to a Microsoft Kinect Sensor attached to an Android tablet running the company’s software. Follow reporter Nick Barber on Twitter @nickjb


Access hard-to-reach areas with the DPI-7 Extension Pole
Since the launch of the DPI-7, we have received a lot of requests for extension capability, and are happy to deliver on that request today. With the DPI-7 Extension Pole, users can now access tall ceilings, HVAC, and other hard-to-reach areas, all while maintaining control of the tablet in the hands of the user. The pole extends up to 15 feet (5 meters).

The Extension Pole is available to both new and existing customers. For ordering info please contact


3D Imaging the Tesla Model S

Last month, DotProduct was enlisted by PowerHydrant to scan the Tesla Model S. Within minutes, DotProduct CEO Brian Ahern was able to produce a full 360-degree model, adding to the PowerHydrant point cloud library and furthering the development of their robotic solution for charging electric vehicles. The reward was a post-scan test drive on the highway!


View the full DotProduct Newsletter here.


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