Automated Room 3D Views by ARUtils

How long would it take you to create all the views for 1000 rooms? With ARUtils the answer is “under an hour”!

This is the promise that appeared in my inbox this evening from ARUtils. A bold claim, but given ARUtils track record, one that wouldn’t be made lightly. So, if Room Data Sheets, Schedules, Plans, Views and Elevations are close to your heart (Healthcare design pun intended), I would recommend checking out the latest from ARUtils below.

100% Australian made.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: AR Software Solutions <>
Date: 2 September 2014 18:39
Subject: Automated 3D and Schedule Views
To: AR Software Solutions <>


It wasn’t that long ago that I announced the Room Data Sheet and Room Views command.

At that time the command allowed you to create all your room plans and elevations with a single button press.

Of course I couldn’t leave it at that.

Automated Room 3D Views:

Let’s face it, BIM for many is about 3D. Conveying what a room contains and looks like is so much easier in 3D.

ARUtils already has commands that make it easy to go to a 3D of a room or selected items however now it can generate all your room 3D views to help explain your design.

By default the 3D view is looking North East. A section box is automatically applied to exactly match the wall faces. This ensures we can see into the room. Of course it would be better if we could see the back walls. And of course you can!


The scope box set to miss the front walls of the room but show the back walls.

An option allows you to create two 3d Views. The second view looks South West.


The same room from the other direction

Automated Room Schedules:

Listing what items are in a room is tackled in many ways by Revit users and non-Revit users. As I explained last time, exporting the information for each room out to tables in Word documents is one way that ARUtils supports. The static nature of this export is not always an acceptable solution.

A seemingly simple approach is to create a single Revit Schedule that groups information by rooms. It does get more complex when you want to put this on a sheet, or more likely multiple sheets. The other downside is that the FFE schedule is not closely related ( i.e. on the same sheet) to the room plan, elevations, and 3D.

Creating a schedule for each room then becomes a possible solution. Doing this manually can become a time consuming task.


ARUtils now lets you create a single “Schedule Template” for a room and then create all the schedules for all the rest of your rooms. All the filtering is altered to do all your rooms.

How long would it take you to create all the views for 1000 rooms? With ARUtils the answer is “under an hour”!


ARUtils –  Room Data and views, part of ARUtils Leader, available for just $600.

How much time do you need to save to get back $800?


Next time:

We now have our room data sheets views; plans, elevations, 3D, schedules. See how we can create the sheets for each room!


Want to try ARUtils?

If you have previously trialled ARUtils and want to try it again, please contact me for an updated license.

For existing customers and trial users you can obtain the latest versions from: 

Until next time, kind regards,


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