BIM and UAV. More then Flights of Fancy.

More fantastic examples of the use of UAVs (drones) using simple image-capture with photogrammetry software to create 3D environments such as buildings, landscapes, terrains. These can be e consumed by the Autodesk portfolio for conceptual design, volume measurements, visualization of projects in their real context.

Presenter Dominique Pouliquen is Marketing Director for the Reality Solutions Group at Autodesk. He joined Autodesk through the acquisition of REALVIZ, a company that he co-founded to develop photogrammetry software and solutions.

UAVs are becoming increasingly cheaper and easier to fly and can carry equipment ranging from small GoPros to more expensive digital SLRs and video cameras. Some companies have already embraced such capturing devices to monitor their construction sites or to do roof layouts for new equipment.

Published almost 2 years ago, Perth’s own Tim Lucas from develops autonomous unmanned systems and payloads. He made the video below to demonstrate how UAV’s carrying photogrammetry payloads can be used across the industry.

The data in this video was gathered using 2 types of “DINGO” VTOL UAVs designed by Tim.
“This kind of data can also be gathered on larger areas, with increased precision, this is just a small teaser. The basics of what I am demonstrating is the ability to generate an accurate 3D model representation of anything that you fly over.”
More videos and information to follow…
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