BIM MEP AUS wraps to rapturous applause





The 2014 BIM MEP AUS Construction Innovation Forum wrapped on Friday night as a great success and a credit the organisers and supporters.

BIM MEP AUS and ACMA Executive Director Sumit Oberoi acknowledged several of the speakers which contributed to the outstanding quality of the event.

“Thank you Tyler Goss, James Barrett, Christopher Di Iorio, Andy Sneyd, Steve Butler, Dennis Rodriguez, Marcus Fich, Jeff Leighton, Tim Lowery for outstanding international keynote addresses and panel discussions at this years forum.”

As a measure of the industry support (national and international) that the event has garnered, below are a few of the commentators with thats to Linkedin.

Geoff Thew (Senior BIM Coordinator – Major projects at A.G.Coombs) big thanks to you & your team, without your tireless efforts this event would not have happened or been such a great success

Dennis Rodriguez (BIM Enterprise Manager at AECOM) Agreed! Despite market forces, economic pressures and the like, your association has risen a global leader in establishment a standard for an entire industry to follow!

Chris Houghton (BIM / Construction Data Manager at Peddle Thorp/HSPC)  Industry forums like this really help to break down the silo structures that beset out industry. They take an enormous amount of effort to deliver and when you add in that a lot of the work with the template is world leading stuff, the AMCA and the broader local industry have a lot to be proud of. Congrats to Sumit and the team.

Marcus Fich (Business Development Manager – Global Market Segment at Grundfos Management A/S) Thank you for putting this one together. A very rewarding and inspiring forum!

Dominik Holzer (Owner, AEC Connect Australia) Again, the BIM-MEP Aus forum has proven to be the incubator of technological advance and innovation across our construction industry. The AMCA is taking a leading role globally with a strong business case for their members & associated organisations. Sumit and his team hit a perfect balance, covering down to earth deliverables and a greater vision that is unparalleled elsewhere! Well done, I’m so glad I was able to be part of this! See you all online & back again at the forum in 2015! Dominik

My presentation on behalf of AAM “Achieving BIM Certainty Through Reality Capture” was well received (I believe … ) and I hope to be able to repost it here when its available.

Stay tuned .. and start planning to attend the Construction Innovation Forum 2015!!



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