Tekla is Banging the DRUM for BIM


DRUM (Distributed Transactional BIM) research is part of Finnish RYM Oy’s PRE (Built Environment Process Re-engineering) program lead by Tekla with Aalto University providing the main research partnership. DRUM undertakings commenced in November 2010 and concluded in April of 2014.

“Although the creation of building information models has enormously developed and become more efficient in Finland and around the world, the utilization of the data contained in the models among the construction project parties is still largely in its infancy,” says Seppo Törmä of Aalto University.

“At the moment, retrieving information from a single model is toilsome. Handling a complete model is hard if you only need to pick out an individual object using, for example, a mobile device. Extra data is often in conflict with the most up-to-date information, which accumulates problems to the user of the model,” says Jukka Suomi of Tekla Corporation, participating company of the project.

The result of the DRUM research is an open concept that is based on linking, managing and sharing building information over the Internet as a way of working.

“Instead of locating the information on certain model servers, it can be easily found and shared on the Web. This makes utilizing the information natural to the different disciplines,” says Törmä.


The DRUM results are expected to proceed into practice in a few years. The new concept has been partially tested at Skanska.

“We expect the results to realize in the construction industry in 2 to 3 years as software houses start applying the concept that has been developed,” says a participant of DRUM, development director Ilkka Romo of Skanska.

The long-term objective of DRUM is to improve the overall productivity of construction projects through information management and the capability to share it. This is a way reduce errors, for example, so that no time is needed to settle them.

DRUM’s results have been noticed internationally: BuildingSMART has been interested in the results, among others, and they will be presented in the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) conference in Brussels in June. The results will also be presented in the European Conference on Product and Process Modeling (ECPPM) conference arranged in Vienna in September. Other participants include Skanska, Solibri, CGI, M.A.D. and Progman Oy. Some of the research was contracted to Georgia Tech and the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT.


For more information, please contact:

Seppo Törmä, researcher, Aalto University, tel. +358 50 3160979, email seppo.torma@aalto.fi
Jukka Suomi, product manager, Tekla Oy, tel. +358 40 510 3101, email jukka.suomi@tekla.com
Ilkka Romo, development director, Skanska Oy, tel. +358 50 5201 596, email ilkka.romo@skanska.fi


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