A BIMpicture is worth a thousand (un)read words.

At the recent Revit Technology Conference, many took the opportunity to use the annual “meeting of the BIMminds” to discuss far reaching topics affecting the adoption and utilisation of BIM beyond the usual vendor feature-fest.

Steve Appleby, AECOM’s BIM Practice Lead for Australia and New Zealand and founding member of CollaborateANZ, arranged a RTCx presentation entitled  “Which Horse to Back? – Cutting through the multitude of Industry Initiatives” which saw a near capacity attendance.

Session 16_Industry Initiatives_RTC AUS 2014


No less then 13 different “BIM Initiatives” were outlined by Steve, but the free-ranging discussion that followed mentioned several more and most of them un-related to the work and the “outcomes” of any other. What a BIM’ing Mess.

Industry_Update_RTC2014 Steve Appleby chairing the Industry Update at RTC 2014.

Several in the room (with an architectural background like yours truly) were fair incensed to find out that yet another AIA BIM group has formed (Australian Institute of Architects – not to get confused with the American Institute of Architects .. but who could get them confused) ignoring the work of the initial AIA & CA BIM/IPD Steering Group.

And even more frustrating that only 3 people at the meeting had read any of the published work of the BIM/IPD Steering Group, let alone knew they existed.

The work of this august body has been imaginatively “hidden” at the URL http://www.bim.architecture.com.au/ which may explain the lack of readership?

So, to address this (in some small part), I have re-linked to this work below, and encourage all interested parties to access and utilise the collection of knowledge below. Who knows, we may actually learn something!


BIM In Practice – Introduction – AIA CA


E – BIM Education Working Group – AIA CA


L – BIM, Legal and Procurement Working Group – AIA CA


O – BIM Outreach Working Group – AIA CA

O1 – Educating Clients in BIM – AIA CA

O2 – BIM for My Business – AIA CA

O3 – BIM for Engineers – AIA CA

O4 – BIM for Contractors and Builders – AIA CA

O5 – BIM for Quantity Surveyors and Cost Planners – AIA CA

O6 – BIM for Facilities Managers – AIA CA

O7 – BIM for Manufacturers and Suppliers – AIA CA

O8 – BIM For Interior Designers – AIA CA

O9 – BIM for Surveying – AIA CA

O10 BIM for specialist contractors and trades – AIA CA


P – BIM Management Plans Working Group – AIA CA

P1 – What is a BIM Management Plan – AIA CA

P2 – BIM Management Plan – AIA CA

P3 – How should you prepare and apply a BIM Management Plan – AIA CA

Or grab them from the dropbox link below.



One thought on “A BIMpicture is worth a thousand (un)read words.

  1. Dan Jurgens

    **re-post from Linkedin**

    Hi Matt,

    I too was disappointed when I questioned the room and discovered at the lack of readership of the BIM/IPD steering groups excellent work as they were a lot of work to author and the final documents are really quite informative. I need to clarify though that the AIA have not formed another BIM group, rather I am representing the AIA on the working group facilitated by the ACIF / APCC. I have taken note of the comments in this session at RTC and will be reporting back to the various groups.

    Kind regards,


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