BIM above the clouds. To BIMfinity and beyond?

Is space the final frontier for BIM? Or the final resting place for BIM. During the organisation of the BIM Day Out, we spoke a few times with the team from Ghery Technology to showcase some of their products and services “down-under”.

Unfortunately the timing wasn’t right, but we have been following with interest what they have been up to. If you would like to find out the latest in “Far Out BIM” sign up for the webinar below


Collaborative BIM for NASA’s Deep Space Habitat Design


A Webinar with Professor Michael Fox, Cal Poly Pomona.

The design challenge of a vertically-oriented habitat is to work with the volumetric constraints and the “dynamic envelope” of deep space habitats which must contain everything they need from the start, without resupply. This proposal hinges on a collaborative Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach used to set up an inclusive model that automatically managed “consumables” and their locations in the habitat, and compared alternative architectural designs to find the most elegant engineering/ architectural solution within a constraint-driven approach.


The study used GTeam – an online BIM collaboration environment – to directly connect both the constraint driven design process and state-of-the-art digital fabrication technologies.  The vertically-oriented deep space habitat was designed, prototyped and tested by architecture students, in collaboration with consultants in space architecture worked alongside the faculty and students throughout the entire process.



About the presenter: Michael Fox is a founding partner of FoxLin, an Associate Professor of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, and is current current President of ACADIA. His practice, teaching and research are centered on interactive, behavioural and kinetic architecture.  He is the author of the book Interactive Architecture and the upcoming book Adaptive: Bio-Robotic Architecture. Michael has won numerous awards in architectural ideas competitions and his work has been featured in international periodicals, books, and exhibitions, most recently at the 2013 Venice Biennale. His work has been funded by NASA, the Annenberg Foundation, the Graham Foundation and others. Michael has taught at MIT, The Hong Polytechnic University, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and SCI-Arc.



WEBINAR: Tuesday, March 11th (12:00pm PST) (3:00pm EST)

Space is limited – Reserve your Webinar seat now.

Want to join but can’t make this time? Contact GTeam to receive a recording of this

What is GTeam?  AEC Collaboration Redefined.


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