A moment to pause(fest): Melbourne Feb 13-16 2014

pause-logo  banner-234x60-02

If you are a Melbourne based creative in the field of web, motion, gaming, music and all the variations in between, you may have already heard of this week’s event called Pause Fest.

Myself and some creative colleagues including Mark, Nic and Daragh will be heading along to participate, innovate and rehydrate!

Some interesting partners of the years event include digital.arup, HASSELL, and The Foundry.


Pause Fest is a springboard for creative industries that operate within the digital realm to meet, inspire, learn, launch and collaborate. Our ambition is to enable creative collaborations around the globe and to promote digital culture as the focal point of an annual festival.


“Pause Fest is in its third year and the fifth incarnation. In 2013 alone, we planted seeds in Perth and Croatia, shared knowledge with hundreds of creatives and initiated experiences with studios around the globe. We have had a stellar year so far that started with reforming the team – the very foundation of Pause – and continued to include expanding the festival’s core offer and deciding to move it to February when everyone is cheerful, warm and relaxed. We were also shortlisted at the London International Awards, Music&Sound and Create Awards, which is really plenty for someone’s side project.

The theme for Pause Fest 2014 is Connected, not just because in nature everything is connected, moreover we want to give you access to the finest samples from the different categories of the creative economy in Australia. In short, we are thrilled to be presenting you with the extraordinary achievements of some of the greatest creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and idea makers of digital culture. We invite you to join us in celebration and to support the movement.”

Founder, George Hedon




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