A load of #BIMsh!t? Autodesk kicks Revit LT customers down under … (where it hurts)


Just how much does Autodesk take its “regional” customers for fools? Amazingly, it was confirmed to me today that the 2014 version of Revit LT does NOT ship with any Australian or New Zealand content, unlike the full version which has had ANZ families and templates since at least version 8 (at least!).

Last week a client of mine who has branched out on his own confided in me that he was having trouble picking up Revit again. After reviewing the setup yesterday I noted that there was no regional content loaded (a simple oversight for beginners) and went about trying to add it to the installation via both the install options and the subscription center. My simple task came to a holt when I discovered that there is NO for Australian or New Zealand content from the install option.

In fact the closest I could find was Austria, which is not even a very good joke.



Note for english speaking users of Revit LT 2014, there is only UK content, US content (imperial and metric), and Singapore content (Autodesk’s regional HQ in APAC).

Now, perhaps many die-hard BIMmers just see Revit LT as the bastard child of the Autodesk “Factory” and treat it with contempt. But Autodesk Australia are charging REAL MONEY for this program, about AU$2000.00 which is a decent outlay for any new business.


Do they mention that unlike the full version, that LT is devoid of any ANZ families or templates? No.

But that is course why we have resellers, so they can provide unbiased and professional advice and protect their consumers from the corporate machines. Yes? No.

Not a single Australian reseller cares to mention it either, in fact Cadgroup doesnt even mention Revit LT at all!

Below is an extract of the actual install file which references the content to be loaded for both the Revit LT and Revit (full) 2014 versions.

Revit 2014 LT content manifest file (.xml)

 <ContentPack Name="RLT-en-US-i" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-en-US-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-en-GB-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-en-SG-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-ja-JP-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-de-DE-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-de-AT-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-de-CH-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-it-IT-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RLT-fr-FR-m" Display="true">
Revit 2014 (Full Version) content manifest file (.xml)
 <GroupOrder>English;Other English;Simplified Chinese;Traditional Chinese;Czech;French;German;Italian;Japanese;Korean;Polish;Portuguese;Russian;Spanish</GroupOrder>
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-chs-CN-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-chs-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-chs-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-cht-CN-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-cht-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-cht-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-cs-CZ-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-cs-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-cs-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-de-AT-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-de-CH-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-de-DE-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-de-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-de-XX-x-Help">
     <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-AU-m" Display="true"> (Australian content)
     <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-NZ-m" Display="true"> (New Zealand content)
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-SA-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-SG-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-US-i" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-US-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-GB-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-en-CA-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-en-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-es-ES-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-es-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-es-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-fr-FR-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-fr-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-fr-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-it-IT-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-it-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-it-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-ja-JP-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-ja-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-ja-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-ko-KR-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-ko-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-ko-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-pl-PL-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-pl-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-pl-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-pt-BR-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-pt-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-pt-XX-x-Help">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-ru-RU-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RAC-ru-XX-m" Display="true">
 <ContentPack Name="RVT-ru-XX-x-Help">

Now, luckily Revit LT can utilse the content that ships with Revit (full) 2014, so the work-around it to “borrow” someone else install and copy the content across, and then repath the content directories and default templates.

However, users who bought Revit LT 2014 in ANZ from ANZ resellers shouldnt have to. And more importantly Autodesk should have a modicum of QA standards that prevent this from happening.

Perhaps someone is getting just a little too big for their #BIMboots??

UPDATED: One of the very original Revit crew reached out last night and confirmed Revit had Australian contact from version 6!  I wont say who is was, but vielen dank, herzlichen dank.

UPDATED: Chad Smith (Technical Lead and BIMbeer specialist for A2K Technologies) responded this morning with how their tech team is supporting Revit LT 2014 clients.

“Hi Matt, we at A2K Technologies were not aware of this until an LT customer mentioned it to us. As a result I personally reached out to Autodesk to get individually packaged content for both Aus and NZ for Revit LT. We’ve had these links since September 2013, and have been providing it our customers.”

http://www.a2ktechnologies.com.au/revitlt2014/aus/AUS_RLT_2014.exe http://www.a2ktechnologies.com.au/revitlt2014/nz/NZL_RLT_2014.exe

Well done Chad and his team. Still, its a work around and not good enough from “The Factory”.


6 thoughts on “A load of #BIMsh!t? Autodesk kicks Revit LT customers down under … (where it hurts)

  1. Paul Cooksey (@NrthnEdge)

    I bought from A2K since September and these links weren’t made available to me, and I wasn’t informed at the time of purchase that I would need to install them…..

    Had to source the pack from elsewhere

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