Going through the Motions in Revit with Arup’s MassMotion

MassMotion2A  MassMotionSetUpA

Thanks to Ammar Berrou at Revitonic for this find. I have looked into pedestrian and exit simulation previously using IES VE and Solibri, but MassMotion 5.5 from Arup’s Oasys Software looks very good (but with a price tag to match!).

The software allows you to either construct the model in MassMotion or import a 3D model from AutoCAD, MicroStation, Sketch-Up, Rhino and Revit. And whats more it supports the OpenBIM standards in IFC so will recognise doors as portals, walls, slabs, stairs etc.

MassMotion is the next generation of advanced software for simulating pedestrians and analyzing crowds. MassMotion is the only tool that can predict the movement of tens of thousands of individual personalities in a complex 3D environment.


  • predict the movement of tens of thousands of people in complex 3D environments
  • calculate flow rates at doors, elevators, and escalators
  • how many people are waiting in line at a particular spot, how much time they’re waiting
  • output can be also as a render for those who don’t understand the numbers
  • it can flag out problematic areas i.e. where over crowding is likely

Technical Features:

  • the simulation is based on academic extensive research, testing to compare with real life surveys
  • people in simulator (agents as they call them) respond to changes in real time i.e. react to congestion at an elevator
  • 64-bit multi-threaded design which takes full advantage of multi-core processors and any available RAM

If you need any further information you can contact Rhys Lewis directly:


rhys.lewis@arup.com +44 (0)7824 311 190


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