Another DirtyBIM Webinar: Land F/X + Revit Workflow

Land F/X‘s CEO Jeremiah Farmer and the lovely Krystal Bozarth are no strangers to our Australian shores, having visited several times to promote their Land F/X package for landscape design and architecture.

However, in a first, they have now arranged for one of their clients to present a webinar to show how Land F/X works with Revit.


Land F/X + Revit Workflow Webinar presented by Chris Lazarek of Cooper Carry from Land F/X on Vimeo.

The webinar was presented by Chris Lazarek of Cooper Carry, a multi-discipline firm based in Atlanta. Cooper Carry has discovered several techniques for working together across multiple software platforms and disciplines. In particular, the webinar focused on how their landscape department has been able to best work with Civils and Architects, working with Civil 3D and Revit.

Chris covered establishing a base plan combined from Revit and/or Civil plans to create a hardscape and landscape plan using Land F/X as a base. He then evaluated the preliminary design using the Land F/X SketchUp Connection to evaluate the design before he links the Land F/X design into the Central Revit File.

For more regarding Land F/X see the extract below or their website:

Professional Landscape Design Software.
Land F/X’s Planting Design is organized for complete accuracy, flexibility, and detail control. From a small residence to an entire theme park, skip the tedious work, and focus on the art of design.

Never count plants again!
Rely on complete error checking and automatic quantities, all with an amazing graphic flexibility.

Graphic flexibility to express your design the way you want. Let the system take care of the counting, symbols, layers, and all the little details, allowing you to spend more time on the design process.

Complete planting software from conceptual plans to construction documents, with 3-D visualization. Includes all of the Design F/X site, hardscape, and graphic tools.

  • 20,000 plant database
  • Thousands of plant symbols
  • Automatic plant quantities
  • Advanced label system
  • Flexible and instant schedules
  • 3-D visualization with a direct SketchUp™ Connection

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