It’s Back To BIM Time: BIM Without Borders Presentation


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Speakers Charmaine Ferguson, Matt Rumbelow and Jon Mirtschin present on the topic of Worldly BIM and share their experiences and work in locations including the USA, London, China, Vietnam, Denmark and South Africa.
BIM local Jon Mirtschin will wrapped up the evening by outlining some of the features of the newly released IFC4 and various tools which utilise the standard for information and geometry exchange.

Charmaine Palmer gives an outline of her work in BIM to-date, including implementing BIM into the Deakin course structure.

Matt Rumbelow with on overview of OpenBIM. (NB. Due to technical difficulties we were unable to capture all the vision of this presentation. This will be added to this video shortly. Please check back soon.


Event Feedback:

“Hi Charmaine, 
I enjoyed the recent BIM presentation, I was pretty excited about Johns work. The Grasshopper/ Rhino BIM pipeline has always been a keen interest of mine. I do all my modelling in Rhino and doco in Revit and have been seeking a way to meaningfully exchange data between them. 
Please put me on a mailing list for similar events in the future 
I recently had a work experience kid in here and we gave them a concept job in Revit and it was amazing what they achieved in only a week 


Mike Nowson, Director 3iD Studios



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