Hey! You! Get off of my cloud


UPDATED: Thanks again to Paul Wilkinson who noted at least 2 ommissions:
Paul Wilkinson Might also have mentioned QA Software’s Teambinder, RIB’s ProjectCentre and Conject (picking up some work in New Zealand, apparently).

In February 2013 Paul Wilkinson posted a blog entry entitled “16 reasons why nobody yet dominates the construction SaaS collaboration sector.”

The news that yet “another” new-form-a cloud service platform is to be brought to Australia to join the 8-10 existing services made me reflect on Paul’s post.

Just how many services does an already fragmented and inefficient industry need (as it tries to get more collaborative and more efficient)?

Credit: http://www.extranetevolution.com/2013/02/16-reasons-why-nobody-yet-dominates-the-construction-saas-collaboration-sector/

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

I live in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block
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I said, Hey! You! Get off of my cloud Hey! You! Get off of my cloud 
Hey! You! Get off of my cloud 
Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd n my cloud, baby

Newforma – Project Cloud


** I was previously employed by a Newforma partner organisation.

In a much anticipated (and welcomed) move to direct sales, Newforma will soon be opening a Melbourne base to promote and drive Newforma Cloud product sales. The Newforma Project Cloud solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services.


Job Title: Inside Sales Representatives – Melbourne, Australia
Due to growth, we are currently seeking Inside Sales Reps to join our newly created team where you will be responsible for prospecting, developing opportunities and closing deals over the phone with senior level decision makers within the construction, engineering and infrastructure industries in the Mid-Market to promote and drives Newforma Cloud product sales.
• Conduct product demonstrations to interested clients utilizing our web based conference tools
• Sell the benefits of the collaboration and document management solutions we provide to existing and potential clients

Source: http://www.newforma.com/about-us/careers/positions/?id=28&idpartenaire=132

Dropbox – Dropbox for Business (Construction)


“We’re building a different kind of enterprise software,” said Drew Houston, the founder and chief executive of Dropbox. “There’s been a dilemma for companies of whether to lock down all the information or keep your employees happy. We’re trying to do both.”

Is Dropbox the sleeping giant that will take the SaaS providers by the throat and provide a BYOP (Bring Your Own Platform) revolution to the current AEC industry?

In a significant design step, Dropbox for Business can be allocated to new users or appear alongside an existing Dropbox customer’s personal account. The idea is to create a relatively seamless experience of managing business and personal data.

In the future, Dropbox is likely to build things like tools for workers to collaborate on company material. With about 100,000 independent software developers who have already made a lot of applications that work with Dropbox, others are expected to build specialty services, like versions suited to lawyers or construction.

Credit: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/11/13/dropbox-aims-at-business/?_r=1

Google Genie


Google’s secret development department, Google X (responsible for Google’s very cool, although non-core initiatives, such as Google Glass and driverless cars) is reportedly working on a new technology that could transform the construction industry – as well as architecture itself. It goes by the name of “Genie.”

According to Globes, a report from Genie’s development team, addressed to Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, describes the invention as a cloud-based collaboration platform with “planning applications to help architects and engineers in the design process, especially for skyscrapers and large buildings. The platform includes planning tools of expert architects and engineers and advance analytics and simulation tools.”

The report also emphasized Genie’s potential to transform the conservative construction industry, one of the most profitable and the most wasteful, by making it more efficient and environmentally friendly at the level of design, construction, and maintenance. The report suggests the invention could save 30-50% in construction costs and 30-50% of the time spent between planning and market; moreover, it could generate $120 billion a year.

Globes reports that a successful prototype of Genie has been released and well-received by architects and industry professionals; it is now being developed not under Google X, but under a spinoff company: Vannevar Technology Inc.


Credit: http://www.archdaily.com/439109/

A quick round-up of the current “Cloud Players” down under.



** Aconex were sponsors of the BIM Day Out

Aconex provides the world’s most widely used Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for managing information, documentation, BIM models and related processes and people throughout the lifecycle of construction and engineering projects.

Rob Philpot at the BIM Day Out

96 Flinders Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000,
T +61 3 9240 0200
F +61 3 9240 0299
HELP 1300 226 639

Autodesk360 (BIM360 and Buzzsaw)


**Autodesk were a sponsor of the BIM Day Out.

Buzzsaw® is data management software as a service (SaaS) that helps enable Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows. It includes tools for documentation, modeling, and data management, and it is integrated with the Autodesk portfolio of design and data management solutions. Access Buzzsaw securely from your desktop, the web, or your mobile device.




Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd
Level 5, Building C
11 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113
PH: +61 2 9844 8000
Fax:+61 2 9844 8044

Asite (Adoddle)


**The BIM Day Out promoted the Build Sydney Live 2013 event.

Making a “splash” in 2013 was UK collaboration platform Asite, who’s global BIM event Build Sydney Live attracted plenty of media attention and industry participation. The 48 competition was hosted the Asite cloud platform Adoddle.

Click here for a presentation of the Build Sydney Live results.

Asite’s presence in Australia has revolved mainly around their client Laing O’Rouke (conveniently the headline sponsor of Build Sydney Live) although Asite reported 2013 revenues from Australia of £557k, more than triple the £168k achieved a year earlier

As Paul Wilkinson posted, “in the Asite news release, CEO Tony Ryan is typi.cally bullish. I am sure his repeated front-runner claims – Asite is “showing others the way”, “becoming the number one Cloud solution”, “trailblazing” and “leading the way” – will be contested by some competitors”

Credit: http://www.extranetevolution.com/2013/10/asite-advances/

Shivalik Business Center,
Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat, India
Tel: +91 (0)79 4021 1900
Australia: +61 1800 661 752

Bentley ProjectWise


**Bentley was a sponsor of the BIM Day Out.

ProjectWise has been a part of the Bentley software portfolio since the late 1990s. It was rebranded as ProjectWise in December 1998, growing a loyal user-base among engineers on (mainly) infrastructure projects (here in ANZ).

Fast forward some 20 years and ProjectWise has not only grown to support multiple vendors, applications and file types, but has recently “sprouted wings” and become cloud-enabled thanks to a partnership with Microsoft Azure to deliver its CONNECT MANAGEservices, a move which will see it substantially expand its global network.

“Windows Azure will unify Bentley’s own software and support enterprise, making it accessible to add value directly in the “live” context of users’ work, through Bentley CONNECT SELECTservices for software administration and technical support and Bentley CONNECT LEARNservices. In addition, it will underlie an incremental business model – enabling Bentley to complete its reach in “software as services” – through Bentley CONNECT MANAGEservices.”


Credit: http://www.extranetevolution.com/2013/10/bentley-embraces-cloud-still-further-with-microsoft-azure/

Bentley Systems Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne)
6 Riverside Quay, Level 6
Victoria 3006, Australia

G-Team (Ghery Technologies)


I first posted about G-Team from Ghery Technologies in April as the software was being utilised on the first Ghery building in Australia, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at UTS.


GTeam is the easiest platform for project teams to collaborate and share documents, files and 3D building information online. Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, consultants, and owners use this centralized web-based platform to reach consensus faster, reduce change orders, save time, get more work and reduce project costs.

Unlike other file-sharing solutions, GTeam is purpose-built for the AEC industry. GTeam is built from the ground up to support BIM collaboration and doesn’t require expensive or complex software.


Worldwide Headquarters
12181 Bluff Creek Drive Suite W20
Los Angeles, CA 90094
Phone: +1 310 862 1200
Sales: +1 877 487 8877

INCITE (Nexus Point Solutions)


Nexus Point Solutions is a Nexus Point Solutions is today a 100% controlled entity of Leighton Holdings (this is confirmed in Leighton’s 2007 financial report) and is a value-added reseller (VAR) of think project!

INCITE incorporates an abbreviation for “Construction Industry Trading Exchange”, and reflects the origins of the business; it was to be a portal focussed at delivering document management, tender management and e-procurement solutions to the construction industry.

Originally Optus inCITE was launched in Australia in June 2003, with several major construction businesses said to be committed to using the platform, including Barclay Mowlem, John Holland, Leighton Contractors, Thiess and Walter Construction. Technology partners included EU-Supply (tendering software), Berlin-based AEC/communication (who provided ThinkProject! document management software) and Conexa (purchasing software).

However – and similar to the UK market 2-3 years earlier – the Australian AEC market was not ready for online trading exchanges and the focus shifted more towards document collaboration – just as it did for the “Australian Construction Exchange”: or Aconex.

Nexus Point is the exclusive distributor of think project! for ANZ and has certain rights throughout Asia – so effectively we license the technology. The differentiator with Incite is the level of service provided – Incite host on very high-end environments that are custom integrated to fit Incite and provide maximum availability and service to customers. Incite provides 24/7 manned helpdesk services out of Australia, dedicated fixed/leased line access to our data centre facilities for customers with high bandwidth requirements and we offer very extensive consulting services to ensure that projects are engaging with the product to best fit the customer.

Credit: http://www.extranetevolution.com/2008/02/incite-thinkpro/

Credit: http://www.extranetevolution.com/2008/02/incite-thinkpro/

Nexus Point Solutions Pty Ltd
Level 2, 486 Pacific Highway
St Leonards NSW 2065
Tel: +61 2 8644 1100
Fax: +61 2 8644 1150

McLaren Software


The Idox Group acquired McLaren Software in October 2010, adding and merging CTSpace with McLaren a year later as part of the group’s strategic diversification and growth strategy. Over 20 years industry specialization, engineering document management, control and engineering project collaboration experience sets McLaren apart from general document management vendors.

Combining the advantages of Cloud Computing with comprehensive engineering document management and project collaboration features, McLaren FusionLive is designed to support single or multiple construction projects.

providing users with the ability to open, view, navigate, select / deselect components and attribute information held in 3D IFC format models.  McLaren CAFM Explorer users will also be able to access these models in future releases supporting the building lifecycle from construction to facilities management.

“This first phase of BIM support is a natural progression for FusionLive for construction collaboration and also for CAFM Explorer for facilities management.  Streamlining processes and communications between users is a key foundation for a BIM strategy.  This latest release also includes submittal comment management and other features designed to simplify ease of use and efficiency but not losing sight of the importance of the single point of truth for a project. Extended BIM support will be announced in the near future as McLaren enhances our offerings to support building construction and facilities management for our Built Environment customers” Paul Muir CEO McLaren Software.


McLaren Software Australia Pty Ltd
Level 27, St Martins Tower,
44 St Georges Terrace,
Perth WA 6000 Australia

RiB ProjectCentre (RiB Group)

RIB ProjectCentre - Very Small

In September of 2012. RIB AG announced that it had completed the acquisition of the Cloud (SaaS) Software company CADX Pty Ltd. trading as ProjectCentre in Sydney Australia. ProjectCentre founders Paul Hemmings and Tim Clare joined RIB Software ANZ: Paul becoming a Global Director inside the Global R&D team, and Tim a leader in RIB Software as Director for the Centre of Excellence.

However, a year later and Paul Wilkinson noted (like many others) that “apart from a little rebranding of the website (“RIB ProjectCentre”), little had changed”.

Credit: http://www.extranetevolution.com/2013/06/rib-launches-second-generation-projectcentre-itwocx/

ProjectCentre is a web-based Project Delivery System designed to reduce risks and coordinate efforts of all participants on a project. Software Managing Time, Cost and Quality offering project management, document control, contract administration, financial management, and much more. Documents Brought to Life while eliminating duplication, standardising delivery and providing transparency.

ProjectCentre provides:

Dynamic Document Control
We bring your documents to life. The documents contain your company’s workflows and approval gateways in accordance with your management structure. The documents themselves manage the process so you don’t have to.

Time Management
Oversight is automatic and transparent. To-Do lists and all correspondences are seamlessly organised and prioritised. All history is recorded on each document and readily available for complete records management.

ProjectCentre sends invitations to visit documents at their one central location, instead of “sending out” documents to various people (see Methodology).  All documents remain in one place where everyone who needs to, can collaborate together on them. Thus documents are always accessible and never lost.

3 / 11 Orion Road
Lane Cove, NSW, Australia 2066
Offices: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth
Australia: 1300 653 420
New Zealand: 0800 226 557

TeamBinder (QA Software)


The single source for project knowledge management, QA Software is a leading provider of information management solutions for the construction and engineering industry. We provide a suite of products that help clients deliver their projects faster and within budget.

A proven track record on thousands of projects world-wide and our ability to understand client requirements have made QA Software a SaaS solutions industry leader.

TeamBinder is an advanced internet-based project collaboration solution that enables all parties on a project to communicate and share project documents in a controlled environment.

With all your project information managed and maintained on a secure, open platform, project participants are able to focus on the successful delivery of the project on-time and within budget.


QA Software Pty Ltd
L3, 332 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, 3006
Ph: +61 3 9291 0800
Fax: +61 3 9699 6293

Viewpoint Construction Software (4Projects)

header_4projects  Viewpoint_Logo_232

4Projects, well know to UK readers and expatriates, was recently acquired by the US makers of Viewpoint Construction Software. Viewpoint established an office in Melbourne some 3 years ago (headed by the CEO’s son, Scott Haladay.

4Projects is an award winning provider of on-demand collaborative online software. Established in 2000, they are a market leading innovator in our field with 18 of the top 20 UK construction contractors using 4Projects and three of the top five companies using 4Projects as their sole provider of collaborative software.

4Projects improves the project management process, providing a comprehensive toolset for online collaboration, document control, information management, communications management – and much more. 4Projects enables individuals and teams to share information, documentation, and communication from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Now with the backing and resources of Viewpoint Construction Software, long established as the undisputed market leader in ERP software to the construction industry in the US. In the past 3 years this dynamic innovative software vendor has since taken on the Australian market and has “dominated”

Jay Haladay, Viewpoint Chief Executive Officer, and his two sons, Scott and Miles, are both active in the company. Scott Haladay is now Managing Director of the Australian office, having hired 10 Australian staff spread across the country, including the industry’s best technical support staff (Melbourne is APAC head office). He is now embarking on a fully supported strategic market penetration campaign that is taking the Aussie market by storm, with a product suite the likes of which simply does not exist elsewhere in Australia

In this 3 years, they have gone from 180 employees in the US alone, to 450 employees servicing 20 countries, their mission is to attain the number one market position in Australia and they are well under way. This 100 million dollar company has strong and secure financial backing and a steadfast commitment to the Australian market,

“Cycling, running and travel occupy his time outside of Viewpoint.  On any given day you may find him running The Tan in Melbourne, cycling along the bay or slipping off to a different southeast Asian island”


Level 2, Suite 205A/B
480 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 8610 6940
Ph: 1800 140 269 – AU/NZ Support

And if you made it this far .. you deserve a hit!

Get Off Of My Cloud!
Rolling Stones, 2006, Live: Zilker Park, 2006



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