Transoft (finally) ‘turns’ a new leaf

It seems like an eternity now that I approached the Transoft booth at Autodesk University 2008 and asked those on present just when they would be releasing an Autoturn for Revit.

“For what?” they replied uniformly. “This is an Autodesk show”. Yes, Revit is an Autodesk product I replied. Its BIM. Like 3D.

So, it is with some justifiable lament that 5 years later Transoft have finally released the Autoturn for Revit I asked them about. Blame Canada, but thank me. 🙂

AutoTURN for Autodesk® Revit® delivers an easy to use swept path analysis tool for Revit users, allowing engineers, architects and other design professionals to perform simple turning maneuvers under the Revit environment. Revit users have the AutoTURN intelligence, database and experience in turning capabilities and swept path analysis at their fingertips, enabling them to perform turning simulations and identify possible constraints or design limitations.

Switching Between Platforms Not Required

With access to extensive vehicle libraries and the key design checking functionality, architects now have a swept path analysis and vehicle simulation tool that offers the built-in convenience of checking the accuracy themselves. One software solution is all you need to check your designs, keeping the simulation linked with the project. Select a vehicle that matches your project needs, prepare a simulation and then check your design based on the optimal swept path. It’s all possible with AutoTURN for Autodesk® Revit®.


AutoTURN for Autodesk® Revit® Benefits and Advantages

AutoTURN for Autodesk® Revit® is the only vehicle swept path simulation tool available for Revit platforms that allow the user to:

  • Produce forward and reverse vehicle turning simulations and swept path analysis within the Autodesk® Revit® environment
  • Maintain the project and the simulations integrated to work within the same platform, saving time and money
  • Simulate vehicles and choose specific key parts to be drawn within the simulation to perform specific reviews.
  • Vehicle libraries for different regions including: AASHTO 2011, 2004 and 2001, Alberta Infrastructure, Highway Geometric Design Guide, along with Europe, Brazil, Australia and Oceania.

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