12D is not a feasibility tool

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** Conflict of interest declaration. I have been been a paid consultant of SiteOps and have drunk (several) beers bought for me by Kevin Murphy.

“We consistently hear from civil engineering firms  “while 12D is great for design, it is not a feasibility tool. It just takes too long?”  But developers still need quick response with layouts and earthworks, and ultimately they need to know cost.  SITEOPS is the only application available that is purpose built for feasibility studies.

The scheduled SITEOPS Introduction webcast on 23rd of Oct is a great overview.  Please see details below. 

Thanks, KM

If Fortune Tellers prepared due diligence reports, we reckon Luna Park would be even busier.


Fortunately, developers and councils work with urban planners, surveyors, and civil engineers for feasibility studies, but the process can take months.  We may not have your crystal ball, but we can help you deliver feasibility reports in days with a first run of bulk earthworks, quantities, with cost reports using SITEOPS

To learn more, join us for a SITEOPS Webcast on Wednesday 23rd of October at 2pm AEDT and see live demonstration.

Please click here to register.

Time:             Wednesday, 23rd of October at 2pm  AEDT

Presenter:     Shane O’Rorke, Be Civ (Hons)

The release of land subdivision and parcelling features in SITEOPS opens up the power of ‘What If’ to developers and town planners. It is the only application available that allows you to validate the least expensive layout options in minutes.

In this session we will cover;

  • Importing Google Earth Terrain from Topo SketchUp, NearMap Image, and/or contours from DWG for initial site evaluation
  • Changing cost properties to ensure SITEOPS is working with optimal constraints in site balancing
  • Working with layout options, car parks, drive access, building pads, ponds,  and swept paths
  • Prepare layout of residential land subdivision to analyse lot yield in minutes
  • Set slope and gradient constraints; run grading and piping solver for first run of retaining walls and pipe network.
  • Export the project to AutoCAD, Civil 3D, 12D, and SketchUP for visualisation
  • Send project for optimisation in cloud and review cost reports in comparison with layout options

What is SITEOPS?

SITEOPS ( www.siteops.com) is patented land development software provided by BLUERIDGE Analytics and supported in Australia and New Zealand by Civil Survey Solutions.

Firms are using SITEOPS for Feasibility Studies for multiple types of projects;

  • Commercial & Retail
  • Industrial
  • Land Development Residential Subdivisions
  • Master Planning Industrial Subdivisions
  • Institutional and Sports Fields

To learn more about SITEOPS please visit the Civil Survey Solutions SITEOPS Landing Page or phone 1300 254 004

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