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Article: The Benefits of Prefabricated Healthcare Facilities

Yours truly attended the recent launch of the industry group prefabAUS, and was asked to contribute to the online article below.


An increased focus on sustainability and the use of building information modeling (BIM) in the construction industry has resulted in a growing trend toward prefabrication and modularization in health care facility construction.

The recently-released SmartMarket Report on Prefabrication and Modularization by McGraw-Hill Construction estimated that prefabrication and modularization would be used by 45 per cent of building industry professionals this year for healthcare facility design. This figure is up from 37 per cent in 2011.

The reason for the surge in growth in healthcare projects comes from the demand for more and larger facilities which can remain open while construction takes place. The off-site construction method allows minimal disruption to the day-to-day operation of the facilities and fewer site disturbances.

With the incorporation of prefabrication in the construction of contemporary buildings rapidly increasing, the industry now has a peak representative body, PrefabAUS.

Launched last week in Melbourne, a key focus for PrefabAUS is to represent, showcase and advance Australia’s prefabricated building industry through collaboration, innovation and education.

The evening was attended by supporters, partners and proponents of prefabrication. A series of launch events are planned in the near future with Sydney, Perth and Brisbane event dates being announced shortly.

The Australian Health Design Council (AHDC) took part in the launch and was represented by its partnerships manager, Matt Rumbelow.

“Given the importance placed on prefabrication within modern health facility design, construction and procurement, the AHDC is keen to provide industry representation for PrefabAUS and promotion of this important industry initiative,” said Rumbelow.

Read the entire article here:


The Premiere Event for Infrastructure and BIM Practitioners in Australia

BDO Sponsor Bentley launch their inaugural “Bentley Advantage” conference in Brisbane, Australia. For those of you for whom BIM still means more then Revit+Navisworks, get along to this event on November 14th.


The Premiere Event for Infrastructure and BIM
Practitioners in Australia

Date: 14th November, 2013
Venue: Brisbane Convention Centre

Bentley Systems is delighted to host the inaugural Bentley Advantage Conference, being held in Brisbane this November. As well as technology presentations, witness a keynote speech from Bhupinder Singh, Senior Vice President, Bentley Software, as he tracks the advancements our development teams are making across the Bentley product portfolio. This is sure to be a presentation not to be missed.

Learn from our senior technology experts as they highlight new functionality in the Bentley toolsets that you use in your business. Meet with your peers in the industry and attend our Bentley Live Zone, where you can make specific requests for a product demonstration or perhaps simply ask about a problem or a challenge you currently face.

The plenary session in the morning focuses on MicroStation, the Bentley collaboration tools, and the roadmaps for the future. After lunch, you may then attend one or more of the specific infrastructure tracks, including:

  • Innovations in Plant and Structural Technologies:

    • Learn how you can leverage the latest technology to design and deliver more efficient and cost-effective plants.
    • Learn how to gain true value from your engineering data by making it intelligent to improve operational safety and efficiency.
    • Discover technology to assist with asset optimisation for mine sites, process plants, and rail infrastructure.
  • Innovations in Building and Structural Technologies:

    • Learn how to model with total freedom to rapidly create buildings of virtually any size, complexity, or form, limited only by your imagination.
    • Discover how to seamlessly deliver high-performance designs and coordinate across disciplines with shared workflows for: architectural, structural, mechanical/plumbing, and electrical.
    • Leverage the best available resources quickly, regardless of geography or team size, and enable integrated project delivery.
  • Innovations in Transportation Technologies:

    • Learn how new OpenRoads technology advances what’s possible in road design through the use of industry-leading innovations, including immersive modelling, design-time visualisation, and more.
    • Meet with Bentley’s Rail team and discover why Bentley leads the world with integrated rail project solutions for track design, signalling, and overhead line design.
    • Gain an understanding of why there are some places only Bentley can take you when it comes to BIM project delivery for road, rail, and bridge.
  • Innovations in Electrical Technologies:

    • Hear about the latest industry trends and technologies for Distribution Network Design and Substation modelling.
    • Hear our latest product updates on intelligent electric design, raceway, conduit, and cable tray design and routing, and efficient engineering content management.
    • Learn about Bentley’s NEW Asset Performance Management technologies for the power industry.
  • Innovations in GIS Technologies:

    • Understand how Bentley’s geospatial technologies such as Bentley Map are improving 3D modelling workflows and analytics.
    • Learn how Bentley addresses information mobility through its comprehensive point-cloud solution, using federated searches and data streaming.
    • Learn why Bentley Pointools is the industry choice for point-cloud processing, animation, and clash detection.

Achieving Building Success with AECOsim Building Designer
Stuart Milne, Senior Building Consultant, Bentley Systems

Bentley’s multidisciplinary information modelling for building teams provides the power to model anything, to seamlessly integrate disciplines, and to accelerate teaming on projects, all of which translates into building success


But wait … there’s more!

Just when you thought you’d answered your last #BIMsurvey .. there is more!
However given this one is McGraw-Hill’s BIM Adoption and Value Survey for Australia and New Zealand, I guess its fairly important.

So if you would like to be part of Autodesk Australia’s marketing efforts for the few years, feel free to undertake the survey below. However, you only have next 5 days! So be quick!!


“Autodesk is pleased to be partnering with McGraw Hill Construction on a new survey, and we encourage you to participate in a new BIM survey through October 28th. The survey will investigate Building Information Modeling (BIM) adoption and implementation in Australia and New Zealand across the construction spectrum of all players, including architects, engineers, owners and contractors.”

To begin the survey, click here.

“The results of the survey will be used to produce a SmartMarket Report (SMR) on the Business Value of BIM in Australia and New Zealand, which will provide essential insights on how practitioners and participants are enjoying both quantitative and qualitative benefits from the use of BIM. The SMR will be released in early 2014 and will be widely distributed to the global design and construction industry.

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Your responses will be completely confidential and used for this survey only. All responses will be analyzed in aggregate, and no individual responses will be referenced or used in any way. In appreciation for your time, those completing the survey will have the option to receive this exciting new report.”

To begin the survey, click here.

12D is not a feasibility tool

siteops_StripBanner-Parcels 2

** Conflict of interest declaration. I have been been a paid consultant of SiteOps and have drunk (several) beers bought for me by Kevin Murphy.

“We consistently hear from civil engineering firms  “while 12D is great for design, it is not a feasibility tool. It just takes too long?”  But developers still need quick response with layouts and earthworks, and ultimately they need to know cost.  SITEOPS is the only application available that is purpose built for feasibility studies.

The scheduled SITEOPS Introduction webcast on 23rd of Oct is a great overview.  Please see details below. 

Thanks, KM

If Fortune Tellers prepared due diligence reports, we reckon Luna Park would be even busier.


Fortunately, developers and councils work with urban planners, surveyors, and civil engineers for feasibility studies, but the process can take months.  We may not have your crystal ball, but we can help you deliver feasibility reports in days with a first run of bulk earthworks, quantities, with cost reports using SITEOPS

To learn more, join us for a SITEOPS Webcast on Wednesday 23rd of October at 2pm AEDT and see live demonstration.

Please click here to register.

Time:             Wednesday, 23rd of October at 2pm  AEDT

Presenter:     Shane O’Rorke, Be Civ (Hons)

The release of land subdivision and parcelling features in SITEOPS opens up the power of ‘What If’ to developers and town planners. It is the only application available that allows you to validate the least expensive layout options in minutes.

In this session we will cover;

  • Importing Google Earth Terrain from Topo SketchUp, NearMap Image, and/or contours from DWG for initial site evaluation
  • Changing cost properties to ensure SITEOPS is working with optimal constraints in site balancing
  • Working with layout options, car parks, drive access, building pads, ponds,  and swept paths
  • Prepare layout of residential land subdivision to analyse lot yield in minutes
  • Set slope and gradient constraints; run grading and piping solver for first run of retaining walls and pipe network.
  • Export the project to AutoCAD, Civil 3D, 12D, and SketchUP for visualisation
  • Send project for optimisation in cloud and review cost reports in comparison with layout options

What is SITEOPS?

SITEOPS ( is patented land development software provided by BLUERIDGE Analytics and supported in Australia and New Zealand by Civil Survey Solutions.

Firms are using SITEOPS for Feasibility Studies for multiple types of projects;

  • Commercial & Retail
  • Industrial
  • Land Development Residential Subdivisions
  • Master Planning Industrial Subdivisions
  • Institutional and Sports Fields

To learn more about SITEOPS please visit the Civil Survey Solutions SITEOPS Landing Page or phone 1300 254 004

SITEOPS Logo (1)

Another BIMmin’ Survey – Organisational Structures and BIM


As most BIMmer’s would be aware, there has been much research done on technical aspects of Building Information Modeling and its ongoing adoption by the construction industry. Survey after survey after survey attests to this.

However, the impact of BIM on the organizational structures of businesses within the industry is poorly understood.

Recently I was asked to participate in a survey for a final year Construction Management thesis at my alma mater of the University of South Australia.

The link to the survey is below. It is quick, well structured, confidential and anonymous, so please lend your support to this important piece of research. Note also that if you choose to take part, a copy of the findings of the study will be available upon request.

Thanks to the #GlobalBIMCrew

Bentley Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android Mobile Devices


BIM Day Out sponsor Bentley Systems have released a series of apps for “MobileBIM” and better collaboration.

Try Bentley’s Apps today for free using sample data. A single Bentley Passport fully enables all Bentley Apps. It entitles the user access to any Bentley server or service (such as ProjectWise and AssetWise) via Bentley Apps and a wide range of desktop applications. Get a Bentley Passport from your Bentley account representative or visit to learn more.

Also of interest to the BIM user community is information provided in the links below.