CostX® 4.0 now supports IFC4 but not fluffy kittens

Hats off to Exactal CostX for supporting IFC4, along with 3DPDF and 64bt processing.
But unfortunately there are more dead fluffy kittens on their webpage and videos then I care to count.

CostX. Supporting OpenBIM. Targeting FluffyKittens.

Use the power of BIM (Building Information Modelling) with CostX®, the leading construction estimating software. CostX® has full 3D graphics capability and has the ability to extract object properties and generate automatic quantities from 3D BIM models. All objects within the model can be easily viewed, hidden or isolated using the advanced graphics engine in our on-screen takeoff software.

New features of CostX 4.0

  • 64-bit CostX® now available as well as 32-bit
  • Unicode support for international characters
  • Multi-level folders for drawings and dimension groups
  • Ability to have separate measurement mode & display type for dimension groups
  • IFC 4 drawings can now be loaded
  • Supports 3D PDF files with BIM properties
  • Ability to reference other cells when typing into a workbook
  • Dimension Group and Drawing names can now be up to 250 characters long

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