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CostX® 4.0 now supports IFC4 but not fluffy kittens

Hats off to Exactal CostX for supporting IFC4, along with 3DPDF and 64bt processing.
But unfortunately there are more dead fluffy kittens on their webpage and videos then I care to count.

CostX. Supporting OpenBIM. Targeting FluffyKittens.

Use the power of BIM (Building Information Modelling) with CostX®, the leading construction estimating software. CostX® has full 3D graphics capability and has the ability to extract object properties and generate automatic quantities from 3D BIM models. All objects within the model can be easily viewed, hidden or isolated using the advanced graphics engine in our on-screen takeoff software.

New features of CostX 4.0

  • 64-bit CostX® now available as well as 32-bit
  • Unicode support for international characters
  • Multi-level folders for drawings and dimension groups
  • Ability to have separate measurement mode & display type for dimension groups
  • IFC 4 drawings can now be loaded
  • Supports 3D PDF files with BIM properties
  • Ability to reference other cells when typing into a workbook
  • Dimension Group and Drawing names can now be up to 250 characters long

Tekla’s BIMsight 1.8 allows users to work remotely

How much would you pay for this? $0!!

Autodesk Navisworks Freedom 5/17 $ 0
Autodesk Navisworks Manage 16/17 $ 7995
Bentley Projectwise Navigator 11/17 $ 1000
Solibri Model Checker 16/17 $ 6000
Tekla BIMsight 17/17 $ 0

September 10th, 2013 by Susan Smith (AECCafe Voice)


Mike Gustafson, Product Manager, Tekla answered some questions about Tekla’s BIMsight 1.8 release, a free construction collaboration tool. This new version makes BIM collaboration LIVE and allows you to share models and communicate through the client instantly. The model sharing that was introduced in BIMsight 1.6 is now enhanced by the note sharing capability, thereby eliminating the need to send notes in email.

AECCafe Voice: What do you think are the most significant features of this release?

Mike Gustafson: Being able to share information in real time between different project site locations.

AECCafe Voice: Is this product comparable to the Autodesk BIM 360 for construction?

MG: Tekla BIMsight is unique from BIM 360 in that the Tekla BIMsight application and project models are stored locally while the collaboration data is exchanged via the choice of the project. They can choose the cloud sharing service of their choice or use internal LAN or FTP to share their notes and information live.  This allows the users to work remotely when internet connections are not available; having both options to work remotely or live over the networks provides greater flexibility.

AECCafe Voice: What do you think has precipitated the interest in BIM for construction over the past couple of years?

MG: Construction teams are moving past coordination to using the models for planning and executing more effectively on site. This requires more accurate and complete models from the designers and subcontractors which Tekla BIMsight can support.

AECCafe Voice: Does this product facilitate more communication between design and construction professionals, and in what way?

MG: Because of its ability to work in real time, Tekla BIMsight 1.8 allows project team members to collaborate much more easily than before.  Usability can drive decisions in how firms collaborate and Tekla BIMsight makes things now that much easier.

More information can be found at the link and table below

Full Comparison Table

Feature Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Autodesk Navisworks Manage Bentley Projectwise Navigator Solibri Model Checker Tekla BIMsight
Main use Supportive viewer for Navisworks Manage Project review tool for design Review and analyze project information BIM checker for QA and QC BIM collaboration tool for construction
Combining projects
IFC support x x x x
Viewing multiple models only from Manage x x x x
Model Checking
3D Navigation x x x x x
Measuring x x x x
Clip planes x x x
Markup x x x x
Redline x x x x
Automatic Clash Detection x x x x
Save model views x x x x x
Object / Model coloring and transperancy x x x x
Finding and grouping objects from models x x x
Create notes x x x x
Note sharing x x x
BCF support x x
Sharing the aggregated project x x
On-line support x x x x x
On-line training matrial x x x x x
Download size 600 Mb 1.4 Gb 900 Mb 116 Mb 57 Mb
Download time (128K ISDN connection or Slow DSL/Cable) 12 hours 29 hours 18 hours 2.5 hours 1 hour
Retail price $ 0 $ 7995 $1000 $ 6000 $ 0
Price source AEC bytes review; single workstation license Tekla BIMsight