DirtyBIM™: The Movie. BIM Collaboration from the Ground Up.


DirtyBIM™: The Movie

BIM Collaboration from the Ground Up
(Based on events inspired by a true story)

DirtyBIM Video 3
The Civil Engineer, Urban Planner, Landscape Architect, and Surveyor are increasingly left out of the BIM Process.  The traditional tools for civil design make it difficult for the site planner to engage in schematics and feasibility studies.  In the design process weeks are lost when the cost of site changes are realised too far down the design development phase.

So on the 8th of May we asked Matt Rumbelow (Building Specialist) and Shane O’Rorke (Civil Engineer) to go through the iterative process of looking at a layout with SITEOPS® to analyse changes, see costs and hand over terrain for use with Revit Architecture.  There was a great response and we received a number of request for the recorded version.

As you will see in the Welcome to DirtyBIM Recording, in addition to finding the least expensive way to balance the site, SITEOPS® allows Architects and Civil Engineers to explore more options and communicate with the end client in a fraction of the time, complete with visuals and detailed cost analysis.

Please let us know if we can get you additional details around SITEOPS®.  Also, we would gladly get you in contact with firms using SITEOPS® for help on your next project.  Contact Kevin Murphy to learn more about this BIM enabling technology.

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