DirtyBIM. Well someone has to do it! Live SITEOPS® web session May 8th


I have been following SITEOPS®  for sometime now, both as a previous reseller and fan. When I first saw it some years ago I was immediately impressed with its speed and “BIM-like” interface, ready access to real data which enables you to make real time decisions on site selection and site layout/orientation. Oh, and I wondered if Revit would EVER get anything like that for its Site Tools? 4 years later and all Revit users are still waiting!

So now I have been asked to show how SITEOPS® can help architects with all their “DirtyBIM” needs. Register for the web cast here.

SITEOPS®  for Architects & Civil Engineers in the BIM Process
Presenters: Matt Rumbelow (Buildings Specialist) & Shane O’Rorke (Civil Engineer)

Please join us for presentation on Wednesday, 8 May at 11am Sydney time. 
Click here to Register for free Web Session.
The focus of this web session is to erase the line in the sand.  With SITEOPS® Architects & Civil Engineers can easily work together during schematic design phase to layout sites, look at options, and communicate impacts of cost.  SITEOPS® changes the dynamic and facilitates the exchange of information between building professions and land developers early in planning.  It also allows the civil engineer to engage in the BIM process; allowing for the quantitative and visual exchange of data and ultimately integration with architectural model.
In this session we will cover;

  • Utilising Trimble SketchUp® to import topology for initial site selection / review
  • Running initial grading; bulk earthwork and retaining wall calculations
  • Submitting for SITEOPS®S project optimization and visualizing with Trimble SketchUp®
  • Taking contoured surface dwg file and importing to Revit Model
  • Upon evaluation of surface and layout in Revit ability to look at options in SITEOPS®
  • Looking at vehicle path routing in SITEOPS®
  • Run cost comparison report of multiple options to evaluate with client

As well as finding the least expensive way to balance a site, SITEOPS® allows the Architect and Civil Engineer to explore more options and communicate with the end client in a fraction of the time, complete with visuals and detailed cost analysis.

For more details please join us for the Web Session on Wednesday, 8 May at 11am Sydney time and check out Civil Survey Solutions SITEOPS® page.


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