dRofus 1.6 beta introduces ArchiCAd Add-On beta

For several years dRofus have offered a flexible bi-directional plug-in for Revit users. Now dRofus announces their first ArchiCAD Add-On is now in BETA for testing. This first release focuses on linking and synchronizing rooms, areas and room parameters, making the daily workflow for ArchiCAD users more flexible and effective when working with dRofus.

The ArchiCAD Add-On is distributed with dRofus. To access the ArchiCAD Add-On you need to run dRofus version 1.6. If you have an older version installed, please download the latest BETA from the download page and install it.
dRofus 1.6.0 BETA is available here.

After installation of dRofus, close any open ArchiCAD applications and log in to dRofus. From the top menu in dRofus select dRofus. Install ArchiCAD Add-on.The Add-On is installed and available the next time you start ArchiCAD.

Userguide for the ArchiCAD Add On can be downloaded here.

Other highlights in dRofus 1.6 BETA

  • ArchiCAD AddIn
  • Unlink room in Revit/AC
  • Create single room from Revit link dialog
  • IFC export from TIDA (pilot)
  • Write to groups from Revit
  • TIDA Ifc import: Read project units in file when importing data
  • Improvements
  • Hyperlink to ‘Forgot Pasword’ site from in the ‘Wrong password’ error dialouge box
  • Flexible codes on room templates
  • Linked/not linked report window in Revit/ArchiCAD



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