IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 v2.8.0

As posted  27 February 2013 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ifcexporter/files/2013/)

(2.8.0) IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 v2.8.0.msi, IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 Source v2.8.0.zip General: – Clean up code dealing with door and window operation and construction type. – Clean up code dealing with getting Solids from element geometry. – Finalize support for FM Handover view. The new functionality for this is included in the lists below. – Replace native function call to create some columns as extrusions with .NET code. – Renamed the shared parameters for many entity properties to have “Ifc” at the front. – Sort parameter names on export to minimize changes in IFC file from subsequent exports of the same file. New Functionality: – Add 11 new IFC common parameter sets, including: Pset_AirTerminalTypeCommon, Pset_DistrubutionFlowElementCommon, Pset_FlowTerminalAirTerminal, Pset_SpaceOccupancyRequirements, Pset_PlateCommon, Pset_ReinforcingBar*Common – Add support for IfcLengthMeaure parameter export. – Add support IfcCircleHollowProfileDef; use for extrusions if appropriate. – Add support for Provisions for Voids. – Allow specification and export of a user-defined classification system, instead of just Uniformat. – Allow exporting elements as IfcDiscreteAccessory/IfcDiscreteAccessoryType. – Allow “IfcExportAs” to take both the entity name and the type name in the format “IfcEntityName.TypeName”. – Export base quantities for 5 elements: IfcBuildingStorey, IfcCovering, IfcDoor, IfcSpace, IfcWindow. Some of these were already supported and were just moved from native to .NET. – Export FabricArea and FabricSheet as IfcReinforcingMesh and IfcGroup, respectively. – Note: that the default export settings have these set as “Not Exported” – these have to be updated manually to “IfcReinforcingMesh” and “IfcGroup”. – Export ceilings as extrusions or BReps if possible, instead of just surface models. – Export surface styles by default for Coordination View 2.0. – Include Ceiling as a room bounding element on export if it is part of only one room. – Stabilise GUIDs for Pset_Building/BuildingStorey/SiteCommon, internal Revit property sets, and slabs in roof containers (only for the case of an IfcRoof containing a single IfcSlab, however.) Bug Fixes: – Changed incorrect “PSet” to correct “Pset” for various parameter set names. – Don’t create openings for doors and windows when the host is exported as parts – Don’t export RepresentationMap for IfcTypeProduct with 0 items. – Don’t ignore an internal Revit parameter on export if it has the same name as a parameter in another group. – Export materials for IfcReinforcementBar; make body representation “AdvancedSweptSolid”. – Fix export of grids so that only one IfcShapeRepresentation is created. – Fix export of some extruded columns that were split into separate components by other elements. – Fix issue where classification reference was not exported in non-English versions of Revit. – Make “NosingLength” parameter of PSet_StairFlightCommon IfcLengthMeasure. – Make GetExportTypeFromClassName not reject some unrecognized IFC class names. – Move the local placement of many entities with extrusions and mapped representations for geometry to be closer to the geometry. – Properly export Pset_ZoneCommon for IfcZones. – Properly label some mislabelled IfcOpeningElements as “Opening” or “Recess”. – Properly scale door panel properties, window frame properties, and base quantities on export. – Remove incorrect PsetLightFixtureCommon.ArticleNumber property.

Downloads: IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 v2.8.0.msi

Downloads: IFC Export UI for Autodesk Revit 2013 v1.8.0.msi


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