Collaborating and sharing data (with Autodesk) in the AEC Industry [via BIM Toolbox]


This article was written by Autodesk’s Sander Lijbers, and first appeared in a Dutch CAD Magazine in October 2012. As it provides a useful viewpoint on interoperability across Autodesk AEC technologies, it has been re-published (in English) for a wider audience.

“Autodesk understands that sharing data among project team members is of critical importance for quality execution on projects. Government agencies around the world are increasingly mandating the IFC (Industry Foundation Class) standard file format. At the same time, Autodesk continues to work on the quality of IFC data exchange. Examples of our support for the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) include 2×3 coordination model view, the U.S General Services Administration (GSA) IFC model view, The Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) IFC model view, as well as work on IFC 2×4 certification and by releasing IFC Export for Revit (currently available for Autodesk® Revit® 2012 and 2013 products) as an Autodesk-sponsored open source project.”

For the entire blog article, you can follow the link below:

For those that are interested in further reading, the article also makes mention of a research paper titled “Collaborative engineering with IFC: new insights and technology”. I have tracked that down and also made this available below:

pdf_icon  ECPPM2012-Collaborative-engineering-with-IFC-new-insights-and-technology.doc_


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